Fittings and Flanges

Spiral Products manufactures a range of fittings to complement its' tube and pipe. The standard fittings include tees, reducers, bends and elbows.

We also sell a range of flanges to facilitate joining tube and fittings together. Customers can choose from a range flanges to depending on the application. The options include angle flanges, slip on flanges with an angle backing ring, reduced thickness and full thickness weld on flanges.

Special fittings and flanges can also be made to suit special applications.

Key benfits of dealing with Spiral Products:-

  1. High quality product to your requirements
  2. Quick turn around on both quotations and product
  3. Experienced operators and tradesmen with a focus for quality
  4. Variety of options to get the most cost effective solution
  5. Deliver to any port in the world
  6. Low cost operation enables competitively priced product